Base Power is a stand alone power system (SAPS), or remote area power supply (RAPS), that gives you the power you need, when you need it.

Whether you’re wanting to go off-grid and be self-sufficient, harness renewable energy, or have peace of mind that your power will stay on no matter the weather, Base Power has a unit for you.

Base Power units are suitable for a wide range of uses, from powering homes to baches and huts, to workplaces, remote dwellings, small shearing sheds, and can even provide supplementary power supply to cowsheds.

Base Power generates electricity by storing and using energy from the sun through photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

It also has a backup generator to charge the batteries at times of low light or high load. Interactive components seamlessly manage the electricity flowing between the solar panels, batteries, backup generator and you.

Its automated system uses the renewable solar energy first to deliver reliable, high-quality electricity.

Base Power units are simple to operate. In fact, all you need to do is keep the diesel topped up. And a flashing light on the Base Power unit will tell you when to do this.

Our units are also safe and secure, featuring a metal casing that can be locked to prevent access.

Most Base Power units supply 230 or 400 volts at 50Hz, which is the same as the national grid. Most users continue their lives normally without having to take special measures such as buying new appliances. The units also provide performance information that allows users to manage power efficiency if they wish to do so.

To maximise the sun’s energy, Base Power units should be placed away from shady areas. Solar panels should be in sunny areas.

They can handle almost any type of weather and don’t need additional protection. They are typically installed outside on concrete pads or rubber mats that help keep weeds at bay.

Our customers are anyone who wants the benefits of urban quality power, even in the most remote of locations. Whether you’re looking for a renewable ‘green’ energy option, want to go off-grid, or desire security of electricity supply, Base Power is for you.

Base Power’s parent company, electricity distribution company Powerco (powerco.co.nz), may propose Base Power units to some of its remote, rural customers. Powerco is committed to maintaining an electricity supply for its customers, with Base Power providing an alternative electricity supply for areas where to upgrade the electricity network and improve supply is not cost effective.

Our parent company’s experience in electricity distribution in New Zealand means we are also well placed to provide Base Power solutions to other electricity network companies.

As Base Power’s off-grid models are tailored to meet individual customer needs, with a variety of specifications and technology available to suit you, costs for your particular unit are best determined through consultation with us.

Simply give us a call on free phone 0508 227 376 or email info@basepower.co.nz and we’ll be in touch, to begin the journey of giving you the power.

Information for customers supplied Base Power by Powerco

Your Electricity Supply

No. You won’t have a retailer when your electricity is supplied by Base Power.

No. Powerco will manage this process with your retailer.

Powerco will supply electricity through the Base Power equipment that it will own and maintain. Click here for a sample of the terms of ownership and supply

Powerco will provide you with generation, storage and management services for the Base Power equipment on your property.

Powerco will send you an invoice with details of how to pay.

You’ll pay a maintenance fee to Powerco.

You will need to purchase the diesel and arrange for the unit to be refuelled. Our Base Power representative will explain the options for refuelling.

No. You won’t pay for Base Power equipment.

Powerco cannot promise this for any customer. However customers in remote rural areas should receive a better quality of supply with the Base Power unit than they have had before.

Electricity lines on my property

Nothing for the first six months. Our Base Power representative will discuss the next steps with you.

Yes. You’ll still have a low-voltage service line to your property/building.

Powerco will inform you which assets are ours and which are yours.

Ownership and maintenance of Base Power equipment

Powerco will own and maintain it.

Yes. Powerco needs you to ensure our Base Power equipment isn’t moved, tampered with or interfered with, except by our approved contractor.

Yes. Powerco’s approved contractor will get in touch for any planned maintenance.

Please discuss this with our Base Power representative.

You can contact our Base Power representative.

Faults and problems

Call 0508 227 376. Our contractor will respond to your call and help you.

No. These units require a specialised contractor which Powerco will arrange.

Our Base Power representative will discuss the best location with you.