How does off-grid technology work?

Stand alone power system (SAPS)

Off-grid power technology works by using a combination of solar power, an energy storage unit (ESU) and a generator. These stand alone power systems are remotely set up on your property without the need to be connected to the main power supply.

  • The energy storage units (ESU) combine an inverter, batteries, frame, cladding, switchgear, and systems for managing solar energy
  • The solar panels or photovoltaics (PV) come complete with frame, supports and wiring
  • The generator consists of a diesel motor, alternator, enclosure and base


Homes, baches and huts, workplaces, remote dwellings, small shearing sheds, supplementary cowshed supply….

As Base Power’s off-grid models are tailored to meet individual customer needs, a variety of specifications and technology is available to suit you.

  • Single-phase systems deliver voltages through peaks and troughs. Suits most households and small commercial set-ups.
  • Three-phase systems offer constant electricity transfers. Suitable for heavy load applications and the running of large electric motors.
  • Off-grid performance with an output voltage of 230 volts at 50Hz – the same as the national grid.

Our energy storage units (ESU) feature:

  • A sturdy aluminium frame with powder coated cladding – lockable and safe to touch
  • Electronic customer screen
  • Interactive inverter(s) which efficiently manage the solar energy between the PV, batteries, generator and customer load
  • MPPT solar charges which manage the solar energy harvested from the PV
  • Switchgear, providing protection and electrical isolation
  • Internal communications between components
  • Wifi compatibility
basepower panel

Our PV panels harvest solar UV rays and convert them to electricity and feature:

  • A modular frame that supports and securely holds the panels
  • A frame support that provides a connection between the frame and the support
  • An electrically sound wiring pathway to the ESU
BASEPOWER generator

Our backup generator features:

  • A Caterpillar diesel engine
  • An alert light on the ESU for when the diesel needs topping up in the generator
  • Secure enclosure, providing protection from the elements and noise mitigation
  • A concrete pad