Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Base Power is the energy behind Rural Connectivity Group’s (RCG) mobile communications tower at TECT Park in Western Bay of Plenty.

Boasting 80 solar panels, a powerful energy storage unit and back-up generator, Base Power is providing a continuous supply of energy to the park’s cell tower to ensure people can use their mobile phones in the park any time of the day or night.

Caitlin Metz from RCG: “Working with Council, the TECT Park Manager and Base Power has been a great collaboration to bring this green mobile facility to fruition. The Base Power solution is providing a reliable standalone power supply to power the TECT Park mobile facility, allowing services to be available 24 hours a day. It’s vital that if someone is hurt, help can be contacted quickly and reliably.”

TECT Park is a 1650ha remote all-terrain playground situated off SH36, the main road between Tauranga and Rotorua. The park is divided into zones, catering for the needs of different users and activities, from horse-riding, walking and mountain biking, to motorcycling, target shooting and rally car driving.

Base Power’s solar panels, energy unit and generator, as well as the cell tower, are situated on top of a hill in the park, attracting maximum sun while also being protected from southerly winds by a bank.

Providing the same quality power you’d receive in town, the Base Power unit is fitted with communications capabilities which allow the Base Power team to remotely monitor the system for RCG.

Watch our case study below.

Case Study Video

Video credit: Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Chris Parker at Photographics, and RCG.