Energy Your Way

Using the advanced energy management systems we’ve developed over 14 years of successful Base Power deployments across New Zealand and Australia, Base Power Engage takes the reliability and intelligence of our SAPS and applies the technology to power communities, complex commercial sites and embedded networks.


By offering stability and energy independence, microgrids can deliver innovative and efficient power supply solutions for commercial and industrial sites as well as connect and share self-generated electricity within a community.

Base Power Engage can be applied to both grid-connected and independent/islanded microgrids, and our expertise in utility-grade, off-grid systems means we can work with multiple generation types, energy storage methods and smart distribution systems.

UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

Ensuring security doesn’t have to mean compromising sustainability. By utilising Base Power’s trusted demand and outage management systems, ensuring energy for your critical load can be intelligently integrated with renewable generation sources and suitable storage.

Whether you’re seeking a solution to smooth your energy usage, reduce reliance on the national grid or ensure optimisation and storage for renewable generation like solar or wind, Base Power Engage provides a bespoke service to deliver your energy requirements, your way.