Date published: Feb 27, 2023

Emergency relief units available for re-deployment

In 2019, Base Power supplied a number of our SAPS units to an Australian lines company to support their bushfire response in rural and remote areas of their network.

A number of these units are now en-route back to Aotearoa New Zealand after minimal use as temporary power supply and ready for re-deployment as off-grid energy management units, battery storage systems, micro-grid communication centres and non-network solutions.  

We’ve designed a special pricing set for these units due to their previous use, and as always, we’re dedicated to ensuring these Base Power systems fit your energy requirements, whether you’re looking for a fleet of assets to support your business or for a bespoke mobile model customised for your site or event.



Price not incl. GST

Base Power V2 ESU including:

13.6kW Schneider inverting capability


2 x 4.8kW solar Schneider chargers

8 x Simpliphi 3.5kWhr batteries

Concrete Pad

Concrete Base for mounting Base Power ESU and Genset 



11kVa 69L Caterpillar Diesel Gen Set


This system gives you 28kWhrs of storage and chargers capable of reaching 12kW of solar PV, which more than enough to power homes, baches and huts, remote or rural facilities such as town halls and marae and even small shearing sheds or processing plants.

Whether you’re looking for just a battery option or wanting to integrate a full off-grid system with solar generation, we can help design and model the right solution for your energy requirements. 

Contact the Base Power team at for a complimentary quote and high level model for your site and energy requirements.

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