Date published: Dec 11, 2021

Hydrogen - a potential winner in the race to net zero?

Base Power Ltd is always looking ahead at how we can support the energy transition to net zero - and #hydrogen has been in our sights for some time.

Recently AMP Capital highlighted some of the key developments we've been working on for a smart stand-alone power system (SAPS) using #renewable #solar and #hydrogen paired with the #reliability and #highperformance of the #BasePower #SAPS technology.

“At AMP Capital, we are watching the development of the hydrogen sector closely. AMP Capital manages funds that invest in Powerco, one of New Zealand’s largest electricity and natural gas distributors. Powerco is actively engaged with opportunities for hydrogen to eventually replace natural gas in its existing infrastructure.

It is running hydrogen trials on its gas network and is connecting with its counterparts in Australia and the UK as it explores the sector.

Powerco is also involved in a number of projects investigating hydrogen and biofuels. One of the projects is Base Power Hydrogen, a stand-alone power system that consists of an electrolyser and low-pressure hydrogen storage unit integrated into a solar energy system.

Excess solar power during the day is used to make hydrogen from water. The hydrogen can then be burned in a diesel generator to generate electricity when the sun dips or supplied directly to households to power stovetops and heating.”

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